Temporary support money as a Subsidy Program by METI (SMEA) Japan

The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency (SMEA) is providing temporary support money to the Small and Medium Enterprise or individual Buusiness Owner affected by Covid-19. The deadline of application submission will be the end of May 2021. And registered organization or specialist can only conduct pre-confirmation before the submission of application.

Business owners who has big impact during 1st Quarter 2021 by State of Emergency for Covid-19.

If you or your company is fully complied with conditions of temporary support money 一時支援金 (Ichiji Shien Kin) presented by SMEA, you have to get pre-confirmation before the submission.
I am a registered specialist and can conduct pre-confirmation for temporary support money 一時支援金 (Ichiji Shien Kin). If you are looking for a specialist 登録確認機関 (Toroku Ka  kunmin Kikan) listed on The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency (SMEA) for pre-confirmation 事前確認(Jizen Kakunin) , please do not hesitate to contact me by E-mail. (E-mail in English is available)


Pre-confirmation is executed in Japanese Language. However small support in English is available.